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  Discover on ArtRenoir Art treasures of the artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919)






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  Special performance mixed paintings by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919)

I would now like to present a further overview of the repertoire of discovered art Renoir. Without discovered by me crypto logical code and without the modern technology it would not have been possible for me to discover this art. Through my use of optical devices and software all featured on Art Renoir art came in this way over time, a series of paintings, porcelain - wall hangings and other art styles from the repertoire Renoir to the discovery that all one thing in common, they have the typical characteristics Renoir that I could decipher with my Kryptologic method.

It was the determination, others call it a coincidence that of all I found the identity code of the exceptional talent Renoir, who had such diverse and extraordinary abilities.


  Important Note

The following photos were partly made ​​easy unrecognizable. The complete collection of the rediscovered in 4 years Renoir's works can be found in the richly illustrated book presentation The Color Cartel and Video documentationon DVD from October 2014. In our Shop you find a Renoir Calendar 2015 with a High Class Photo for every month of the year .

The works shown here in the "Special Presentation" are due to the fact that they all wear the Renoir typical features in it that repeatedly in recognized paintings Renoir; attributed that could be identified with Kryptologic method of Doc Moses, as authentic. Please convince yourself about elaborate features in recognized Renoir artworks in categorizing Kryptologic

For your information. The publisher of the work directories Renoir in Paris, the Wildenstein Institute and Bernheim - Jeune both have no reliable methods of identification that is even close to accurate as the developed and applied, as well as globally unique Kryptologic method of Doc Moses. Only due the specification of Doc Moses as a Kryptologist in the detection of hidden features in works of art, he was able to perform the same characteristics in to enjoy all the works of art presented here and they attributed to Renoir.

The Kryptologic method is reliable as a Swiss watch and still holds a 0.00% error rate. The proof is made that the Kryptologic method its worldwide unique in the world of art in the analysis and a real Revolution in art science.

Here at www.ArtRenoir.com you get to see works of art of various kinds, which Renoir in 1857 - made ​​circa 1919, shortly before his death. This compiled in 4 years and obtained exclusively with the Kryptologic method of art of Doc Moses rediscovered works of art are, based on their scope and degree of versatility to the artist Renoir, an art world sensation and kind and incomparable collection of rarities like an International art treasure immediately.

Throughthe discoveries of Doc Moses and the fact that Renoir himself repeatedly immortalized in his works of art with its synonyms, I was the first to go as possible to the adventurous quest of one of the most famous artist's. The search is like a thread moved systematically such as the expiry of a treasure map through, from Renoir's youth to end his incomparable artistic career.

What Doc Moses in the case of Renoir has practiced so successfully, noboddy di it before him on any artist. The treasure map was in this case, the mention of the numerous biographies that exist about Renoir and how and some where he worked as a contract painter and artist. Doc Moses knew the Artscene and he knew that it was none othe than him who applied his method and knew the secret code of the Kryptological code Renoir. There was no need for him to recognized Renoir people the Wildenstein Institute in Paris and Bernheim - Jeune to measure, becouse Doc Moses had no time and certainly he whas not in the mood.

It has necessarily of itself give the his process, which relates to the identification, the world's highest level of technology in terms of Renoir and other artistst. For Him only counted his discovered Revolution and personal success in the discovery of Renoir works.

Renoir is one of the most important artists in the history of art. Til to the present time Renoir has many inspired by his famous and lesser known emerging artists and has thus contributed an extraordinary part of the shift from the classical to modern art.

The Art of Renoir's works adorn the famous museums in the world, adorn palaces and were added to world-famous foundations and can be found in numerous private collections again. The exact scope of each of Renoir-made works of art from all arts and crafts areas no one knows exactly to its comprehensive performance of his early youth was continued until shortly before his death. One of the most famous painting Bal au Moulin de la Galette 1990 scored at the auction house Sotheby's with $ 78.1 million a record for a Renoir Info1a. You can therefore determined well imagine that the Renoir Collection of Doc Moses measured by the prices on the international art market has a very high and extraordinary value.

Renoir remained until his death the trust its own motto "You have to work like a locomotive." Renoir has succeeded with his talent, everything he touched into art will allow, which was not subject to many before and after him. 

Art that was his life and he is the best example of an artist who became a legend.

To the publisher of the work directories of the Wildenstein Institute and Bernheim - Jeune in Paris we like to mention that this probably less than 1/3 of Renoir's works are listed or even less and no one can comprehend that these are all real Renoirs, because they were almost exclusively only checked with the naked eye and not using a secure method such as Kryptologic for authenticity. Technically, the publisher of the work directories are not able to apply sustainable investigations as to the authenticity, to make a statement of what is actually of Renoir and what is not.

There are only statements made about what is included in the catalog or not. Both institutions do not claim that the Renoir contained in their catalogs are genuine. They can not define real authenticity, whats only with the Kryptologic method is possible, an artist like DNA. 

Experts say Renoir painted 6000 - 7000 paintings paint. This large number of paintings can simply hinted that the publishers of business directories have listed only a fraction of what is actually still circulating. Considering that Renoir well, sometimes to the inclusion of porcelain - ceramics - sculptures wall hangings, etc., may total 10,000 or possibly far more artworks made in his life, so this conservative estimate would make sense in terms of productivity Renoir, finally he worked in places he could paint in Akord and as soon as no one else in his time. The productivity Renoir finally brought Doc Moses the high probability in the discovery of Renoir works and the fact that he indeed with his crypto Logic method had a worldwide unique position and had to fear no competition. This was the guarantee for the success and the number of his discoveries was made ​​over a period of 4 years.

See an original short film such as Renoir contains very corrupt hands still masterfully painted and fast. Although you can not see what he paints, but pay attention to the movement of the brush. Unique Film of Pierre-Auguste Renoir Painting (1915) Quelle Info2


      Art publisher Renoir

You also have the fact to state that none of the two editors of the work directories Renoir in Paris, neither the Wildenstein Institute and Bernheim - Jeune, in case of disagreement are in a position to issue an authenticity proof, which actually comes from Renoir and what is not. In Focus magazine in its issue number 49 of 2007, the renowned specialist lawyer Hannes Hartung came word that brought it to the point.

Secrets and speculations thrive in the world of art dealers like weeds on succulent ground. "Everyone knows everyone, the mighty act in solidarity with each other," says Hannes Hartung, art cases on specialized lawyer and lecturer at the University of Munich. The 34-year-old criticized the "lack of transparency" that resulted from the "sinister linkages between trade and research." Institutions - such as Wildenstein - both the authenticity of the paintings simultaneously defined and dominated the trade, "easily attain a dominant position". In the other sectors as a monopoly would be prohibited. Doctorate in law Hartung knows "some typical cases" in which the kings of the work directories refused to take pictures, but at the same time sending forth stooges to persuade the owners to sell their works at them cheap. source

Read the best like the whole focus report and find out how hot it is, among other things as in the art scene here goes, you'll be surprised. Info4

Both editors are not in a position to say no rather, they refuse to this day to provide information on how to get in assessing whether genuine or false to your decisions and that is when and how to classify something authentic or not .

Anyone sitting high on his horse in such a position and is being touted by the famous auction houses in the world as the recognized Renoir experts, who may not be as ominous secretive hiding in a back room as the Wildenstein Institute or Bernheim - make Jeune, but all cards must put on the table and be demonstrated to everyone to show what they are capable of and how to determine authenticity.

Doc Moses received quite a lot of information in the past 4 years in order to reliably make the claim may, that neither the Wildenstein Institute nor Bernheim - Jeune the second of the founders, the two devices according to the present state of science absolutely no reliable information on the authenticity of individual can make art works by Renoir, etc.. Both facilities carry no known experts.



See for yourself an official document of the Wildenstein Institute even say that about himself, we are not experts! Info5

Go to the web presence of the Wildenstein Institute www.wildenstein-institute.fr Info6 or the Bernheim - Jeune - www.bernheim-jeune.com Info7 You will not find a single scientific reference about both, which leads to the proof of scientific qualification, to be able to determine authenticity. Personal expressions of opinion everyone can have an write-up Renoir, etc., as well as anyone can write a book of fairy tales that has nothing to do with reality, but it does not border on insolence little someone for as a bluff and € 1,440.00 far more demands for such a theater.

The scientific work Doc Moses, however, its Kryptologic method, however, is the recognized institutions and the so-called "Renoir experts" made ​​over.

Each of you can and should themselves make sense of it, whose work is understandable: the transparency of the disclosed results of Doc Moses and the Krypto logic method and scientific certificates with numerous clues, or the speculations of the Wildenstein Institute and Bernheim - Jeune the up mere assertions and do not want to provide a shred of evidence.

We hope that you better shut themselves in the future against pure expressions of opinion as these institutions and instead insist on proof of the authenticity analysis, we introduce the pilot project Renoir in a comprehensive presentation on www.ArtRenoir.icom in terms of international transparency in all levels of the art scene. Been art experts and collectors get through the years of research Doc Moses finally a high level of security in your decision to purchase works of art by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919). If the Kryptologic and scientific method samples was applied prior to purchase or bidding in an auction house, you can assume that you purchase a genuine Renoir.


The Kryptologic method of Doc Moses can also be applied to other artists.


The following is an excerpt not imagined discoveries from the repertoire Renoir, all of which have the typical characteristics.


A painted drum, was part of a band. This drum is a couple of miles from Weßling in Bavaria away, from a town in which Renoir in Germany in 1910 rentet for one whole month an apartment and painted portraits of the people. Renoir met its customers' needs, such as time the drum which he painted. The drum is painted with a Bavarian Mountainpanorame and a House in oil paint. Of course, like all of other Renoirs Objekts it has the same features and its very old and has cracking in the paint becouse of the high Age. 


Porcelain from the apprenticeship Renoir with the initials PR and dating (18) 57


 Renoir's smallest work of art, a medallion depicted a Madonna of porcelain 4 x 4 cm, set in a house altar in carved wood.


Renoir's greatest paintings with a measure of 350 cm width 220 cm height.


Various images of Renoir roll it in a different style of painting and partly in the Far East and Asian style designs.


A French cabinet is completely covered with canvas and framed rounded nails and furniture was painted by Renoir. Deep dimensions approx 170 cm high x 120 cm wide x 50 cm. The cabinet is in French painting (Barbizon School) represents a scene that runs through "all" sides. This cabinet is in expressiveness hard to beat and created perfect for a museum.


A fan collection Renoir painted in many different ways.


A painted by Renoir large wooden box with lid with flowers Impressionist painting


A hand-carved Madonna with Child about 140 cm of wood.


A folding screen is provided with the Renoir paintings.


A silver watch, which Renoir has provided on both sides with an enamel painting. Renoir helped his brother out in the goldsmith's workshop, and have been also creative.


Renoir, who worked and collaborated with his brother in the goldsmith's workshop, created a more artistic medallion with photo insert on the back in gold and filled with stones.

The collection is fully staffed with a matching gold bracelet with stones. This masterpiece of creation is of indescribable beauty and masterly style. Even the box painted by Renoir in leather design is located in both pieces.


A gilded jewelry box Renoir created from wood and painted with the portrait of a boy.


Putti - Cherub paintings. Renoir created here a cherub paintings. In the biographies mentioned that he painted cherubs. Height 120 cm width x 100 cm height.



The artworks listed in advance and all Renoir shown on ArtRenoir appear at mid-October 2014 in the book The Color Cartel of the author Doc Moses.




           Knight ca. 1880 - 1890  


Imposing masterpiece of Renoir

The armor seems to shine like silver titanium and looks like real, simply indescribable




         Brushwork and expressive power of the beard of the knight as the girl's hair underneath



Irene Cahen d'Anvers, 1880, by Renoir



The corrugation of the red hair of the girl and the painting ...



harmonize with the beard of the knight - Compare hair painting above



Picturesque compare expressiveness - Albert Cahen d'Anvers by Renoir 1881 Info8




      Hyacinthe-Eugene Meuer1877, by Renoir Info9




         Use of an infrared filter

          How many of you would have thought that, in curly hair, hides the name Renoir?




90 ° rotation

If you look closely you can see the curly hair of letters or a knight running the name from left to right




The name Renoir was framed so that it was evident




     90 ° rotated the letters are clearly legible Renoir, making this painting is authentic




    Gentle look of a "noble knight"




     Museum-quality masterpieces work




       Sword with pommel




          Infrared image reveals the name Renoir on the pommel




     Signature samples Renoir





     Renoir edged with white color, compare two photos above




     PAR Pierre-Auguste Renoir under infrared, at the bottom




      PAR in the enlargement




      PAR blue border




      PAR orange border




      Renoir's painting "Knight" outstanding academic certificate





      Camille Monet - Woman of the painter Claude Monet






      Foto Camille Monet Info10




      Academic expression




       Camille Monet, by Renoir 




        Camille Monet, by Renoir  




       Camille Monet, by Claude Monet




       Remains of the signature Renoir




     Renoir painting "Camille Monet" outstanding academic certificate





      Captain Cook Info11



      Replica of the original




Renoir had always workd as a copyist and satisfied customers wishes of all kinds, here is a copy of a portrait of Captain Cook




    In Renoir's name shimmering in the Jacket




Black and white neutralizes the color and makes the name Renoir more recognizable




   Signature samples Renoir





     The name Renoir was dyed in subtle red color and is thus better seen




        Renoir's painting "James Cook" outstanding academic certificate









         Woman in summer dress and a straw hat




       PAR in the eye



       P Renoir in summer hat shines through

Renoir painting "Summer Time" outstanding academic certificate





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