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Scientific Facts of 5 rediscovered paintings by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

As an alternative to the Renoir Acronym method in the pre research of the works of art were taken from the following painting samples and studies on the age determination in a certified laboratory. All samples and test results regarding the authenticity and age of the paintings were exceptionally positive.

In infrared investigation in particular monograms PAR and PR as well as the typical name Renoir could be determined. These features were detected by me in ongoing since 8 years, studies repeatedly in recognized Renoir artworks using the Renoir Acronxm method in advance studies and thus vouch for the authenticity of the following proposed Renoir. Following this you will find the small Dossier determined by me Exemplary features from recognized Renoir.

The certificates themselves the painter typical features have not been mapped by the laboratory, although the Cheflaborant was impressed with the features on site. The Cheflaborant explained this should be done by an expert with regard to the attribution Renoir. After i complained and demanded the inclusion of the features in the respective certificates and stated that it is scientific fact that would have to in the certificate stated the Cheflaborant, he had never made ​​any attributions and if he did this then the certificate may be doubtful .

I received for evaluation and further processing the original photos of the laboratory for investigations of all five paintings. The analysis of the infrared photographs of the laboratory have been made for this reason by me the reviewers , whose special area is the discovery and analysis of hidden features in works of art.

The results of the application of the Renoir Acronym method preliminary tests on the following proposed paintings were and still are amazing because they have provided the 100% reliability of the Renoir Acronym method.




  The Lilymadonna Info


                                                                       The postimpressionist phase of life Renoir

After a stay in 1881 in Italy, during which he authored around 1400 reads a manual for painters, it is strongly oriented towards Raphael's frescoes and Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. It starts the so-called "Ingres period" or "dry period". Renoir began to shift from basic to New, he turns away from the spontaneity and records the sharper forms, but remains on the subjects full of life. He turns away from Impressionism and moved on the classicism. A trip in September 1883 leads him to the island of Guernsey, where a series of paintings arise, including Moulin Huet Bay.



Renoir Madonna of the Pomegranate

Design (drawing Raphael) not proceed Year: 1504 Raphael Santi




              Raffael: Madonna Conestabile 1504



Madonna of the Pomegranate  - Albertina Museum Vienna



Extract chair top, 3 letters immediately above the edge of the chair, the significant PAR




  Monograms Renoir. Compare painting on the right is another Madonna paintings from the collection of ArtRenoir. The Lilymadonna 2/4.




Signature on top of a chair - Renoir under infrared



Among the lilies, arrow end Renoir shows the magnification name






Renoir framed among the lilies Yellow




Wicker basket with hook book



Excerpt  of wicker basket

* A = Auguste - Renoir on book under infrared reflectography




Signature brought to light - A Renoir - Bright spots on book under infrared color with Photo Filter



Signature samples Renoir




           A RenoiR yellow outline      




All five studied painting you have seen previously, are undoubtedly paintings from the repertoire of Renoir and have academic certificates

The necessary age requirements in the laboratory were all positive. In infrared investigation monograms PAR and PR as well as the typical name Renoir could be determined.

The result of the application of the Renoir Acronym method from the preliminary investigation is amazing. It shows very well that the efficiency in terms of the application of the Renoir Acronym method according to Wolfgang Kozlowski is the world's most reliable ever was used. When it comes to reliable certification will lead the future in terms of attribution to Renoir the prior art, the Renoir Acronym method of Wolfgang Kozlowskis procedure.


Renoir authenticity certificates of age determination

     A.R.5.GER The Lilymadonna - German.pdf Download

   A.R.5.ENG The Lilymadonna - English.pdf Download

  A.R.5.FRA The Lilymadonna - French.pdf Download

A.R.5.ITA The Lilymadonna - Italian.pdf Download







       The hard Life  Info


       Claude Monet and his wife Camille Doncieux

A portrait of the painter friend Claude Monet, represented as a beggar, and his wife, Camille, which shows them as guitar playing street musicians. Both were expertly staged by Renoir. Monet particularly in the role of the beggar who occasionally referred to himself as Such.

In the guitar, specifically the guitar neck was found a discarded under infrared signature, written in full Renoir. In the eye was a reindeer, an abbreviation for Renoir are discovered, an excerpt shows on the lower lip Renoir.


Art Quotes about harassment

Claude Monet (beggar) "I am no longer a beginner and it is terrible to be in my age in such a situation, always having to beg and harass buyer."
Source :: Monet or The Triumph of Impressionism, published by Taschen, 2010, Page 48




Dress from Camille Monet with hidden Monogram PAR. infrared follow-up




Monogram PAR - Pierre-Auguste Renoir






Guitar of Camille Monet



Signature Renoir. the guitar neck, under infrared

Under the signature of the screws for the guitar strings are visible



Signature samples Renoir




Alan Hardy, Renoir material supplier in Paris

The stamp of the wedge under the brand name "Alan Hardy" clearly refers Renoir material supplier. The following link, a Renoir Self Portrait in which the stretcher is also of Alan Hardy.



Camille Monet, Infrarotfreflektografie




Ren later in eye and lip Renoir Camille Monet, see enlargement




The infrared image of the left eye / eyelid shows the abbreviation - Ren - for Renoir



At the edge of the lower lip of the name Renoir was localized

Within 3 years of scientific research, I was able observations are made​​, the Renoir like to contours along recorded and immortalized thus consistent.

Due to the pre-run pretrial discovery and the present Certificate of Authenticity is also, without doubt, a guaranteed genuine paintings by Renoir.


Renoir authenticity certificates of age determination
      A.R.3.GER The hard Life German.pdf Download
    A.R.3.ENG The hard Life English.pdf Download
   A.R.3.FRA The hard Life French.pdf Download
  A.R.3.ITA The hard Life Italian.pdf Download







Aline Renoir (1854 - 1915) Info


Aline Renoir about 1910

A Portrait of Aline Renoir (wife of Renoir) is the monogram AR painted on the neck, which are the initials Auguste Renoir.
In the infrared laboratory study showed the name Renoir at the level of the head and ears in addition to the shoulder. Please see subsequent to this photo.



Monogram AR, Auguste Renoir, to the left of the neck



Monogram AR, Auguste Renoir colored with photo filter for better visibility



Renoir AR monogram in Black - White Contrast


Close AR



The monogram of the letter R is in the middle (slightly) the fully specified name Renoir.




The photo has been colored since the signature was so striking and the borders of the signature were marked with yellow lines, for better recognition.



Renoir in the hair, close to the ear and the shoulder, under infrared



Signature samples Renoir



Renoir authenticity certificates of age determination

    A.R.6.GER Aline Renoir German.pdf Download

   A.R.6.ENG Aline Renoir English.pdf Download

  A.R.6.FRA Aline Renoir French.pdf Download

A.R.6.ITA Aline Renoir Italian.pdf Download







Holy Family Info


The postimpressionist life phase

After a stay in 1881 in Italy, during which he (Renoir) authored around 1400 reads a manual for painters, he oriented (Renoir) heavily from Raphael's fresco



The locations of the respective sites were colorfully marked. It is around the knee area of Mary - a red stone behind the buttocks, and in the wool at the edge of the image. Next the name of PA Renoir was discovered beneath the town of Nazareth.



The number code in the Renoir Mary's knee area, here's a photo from the infrared reflectography


Red stone under infrared

In the infrared examination showed a red stone in a dating 1881/9, etc. in 1881, the year in which Renoir went to Italy to study the painter Raphael Santi.




Another feature was discovered in the wool at the bottom under infrared. The name Renoir could be detected by shining. The best proof that there is a real Renoir.



Nazareth, under infrared. The increase resulted in a PA Renoir



Renoir authenticity certificates of age determination

   A.R.4.GER Holy Family German.pdf  Download

  A.R.4.ENG Holy Family English.pdf  Download

 A.R.4.FRA Holy Family French.pdf  Download

A.R.4.ITA Holy Family Italian.pdf  Download






The Green Salon




Blue dress with corrugated collar




The name Renoir under a corrugated collar, as you can see well in the photo above. The left of the name Renoir gold pendant.


   Signature samples Renoir



             Couch bobble 

    In the bed bobble, see photo above, the name Renoir was discovered at the bottom.




The initials PR (Pierre Renoir) and the number 86, which could indicate a dating.




  Various features found in preliminary




The fine character preliminary study on the back of the green space turned out to be a real locality of many features. Tiny letters and numbers were placed on the preliminary study. The preliminary study and the associated contours were not as usual from lines, but from letters, numbers and monogram Renoir, etc. These features were passing over again shone through the works of Renoir, which were detected with the Renoir Acronym method.



Vorstudie linkes Auge 90 ° rechts Monogramm PAR Pierre Auguste Renoir

In the left eye at 90 ° rotation of the preliminary study, the right monogram - initials "PAR" for Pierre Auguste Renoir



              Renoir authenticity certificates of age determination

A.R.2.GER The Green Salon German.pdf Download

A.R.2.ENG The Green Salon English.pdf Download

A.R.2.FRA The Green Salon French.pdf Download

A.R.2.ITA The Green Salon Italian.pdf Download






...End of the Dossier




                                 Recognized "Renoir experts" in Paris, the Wildenstein Institute and Bernheim - Jeune

The recognized "Renoir experts" do not own technique to the authenticity of their supposed Renoir to have studied in their work directories for authenticity. However, a guarantee of authenticity can only be made on the basis of scientific studies and therefore the Renoir Acronym method of the Renoir expert Wolfgang Kozlowski have come through the laboratory tests carried out simultaneously or the final proof that the Renoir shown on www.ArtRenoir.com are not only original, but for the Renoir Acronym method
there is Worldwideno alternative in terms of Renoir and other artists to filter out hidden features of artworks.



Wildenstein Institut - Catalogue Raisonné, Critical Catalogue Info3a




The following conclusion refers to Bernheim - Jeune and the Wildenstein Institute, (Paris)  both bring out the work directories Renoir.

Both Institutes can not do justice to his position as long as the leaders declare there without a scientific approach to art as true or false.

Both Institutes can hardly say in regard Pierre-Auguste Renoir in the question of authenticity, because the institution has no ways to determine authenticity, which is why all artworks by Renoir recorded in the catalogs of both Institutes itself should not be declared as genuine.

If both institutions each receive a "Renoir" in one of their catalogs, so it is possibly to alleged appreciation for the leaders of both institutions, mainly for the Wildenstein Institute Mr.Guy Wildenstein and for Bernheim - Jeune Mr.Guy Patrice Dauberville. Neither company wants to take a responsible with regard to the authenticity!


If you etc. bid a Renoir at auction at Christie's or Sotheby's in the catalog Wildenstein or catalog of Bernheim - is listed Jeune this does not mean that this Renoir is also real but it means that the write-up of Renoir just a personal opinion, is not more and no less.

Real can only be that which has proven as such. By applying the Renoir Akronym method after Wolfgang Kozlowski the authenticity of a Renoir is worldwide for the first time in Art History now possible to prove. Scientific studies have confirmed the age-typical characteristics of currently 5 paintings and leave no doubt as to the originality of the studied painting arise.

If someone makes a write-then he should please make plausible for anyone to understand why and why and especially as it comes to a write. Therefore, just the Renoir Acronym method of Wolfgang Kozlowski is so important, because it makes clear evidence for everyone.

Both institutes and all those responsible have yet no transparency shown how they judge this art, which prosecuted the authenticity. In this regard requests you get no response. On the homepage of both institutions there is no single evidence to prove the authenticity of references could be found there, so there is not a single document, let alone any method that would be suitable, proven to identify genuine Renoir.

Credibility that need the art scene and their makers, does not look like that. If you will see the evidence by the Renoir Expert Wolfgang Kozlowski on the following pages, the art lovers can make sense of the Presented and decide for themselves as to the authenticity of what and who you want to believe.

Founded on the Renoir Acronym method after Wolfgang Kozlowski is the world's most reliable attribution method, this method can be considered as State of the art Info3b can be viewed in terms of accuracy and reliability.


Worldwide, there are no second known method as the Renoir Acronym method with which one can identify undoubtedly a Renoir.


Both Institutes refuse to issue an expertise and the Wildenstein Institute of himself even claims that they are no experts. If someone says of himself that he is not an expert (and certainly not a specialist) ought to be clear so that there is no encounters professionals!

The Wildenstein Institut stated the following on its website !

Under no circumstance is a recommendation to be considered as a certificate of authenticity or appraisal, and no justification will be provided for said recommendation.

In short, neither the Wildenstein Institute let alone Bernheim - Jeune can and do not want to give technical information about the authenticity of a Renoir, because both are not able to. Thus can not be decided in these two institutions about the authenticity of a Renoir!

The complete text, see above under the heading; Catalogue Raisonné, Critical Catalogue Info3c


Original structure form the Wildenstein Institute

Please pay attention to the notice Wildenstein is no expert and not de facto be able to perform a write to Renoir, etc., but this can be done reliably exclusively by specialists and also must be provable.


Wildenstein Institute proclaimes: We are not experts ! Original formular PDF Info3d




Dear Mr. Kozlowski

Thank you for your e-mail concerning the work that you think to be by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

First of all, please note that the Wildenstein Institute and the Renoir Committee do not deliver certificate of authenticity but only indicate if a work will be included or not in the catalogue being prepared. We are not expert and give only editorial advice.

For this, we have a procedure that does not seem to correspond to your expectations but here it is:

The opening of a file, so that work is submitted to the Renoir committee, rises with 1440 €TTC (1204,01 €HT) for private individual and 1 800 €TTC (1505,02 € HT) for professional of the Art Market.

The Committee of the RENOIR catalogue’ will only indicate if the work you have submitted:

- will be included in the catalogue being prepared or revised, or

- will not be included in said catalogue, or

- will remain under further investigation.

There is a committee approximately every month orbimonthly. The next one will meet on November 18th.

It is necessary to present the work physically for the committee at the Wildenstein Institute in Paris. Please note that the Wildenstein Institute does not deal with the transport of works and it is not possible to send works by Fedex. Indeed you must address to a customs broker (Transart for example).

If if you want to continue this procedure, could you please, beforehand, provide us with the following items :


- One color transparency of the work

 - Two black and white photographs, of professional quality

 And the following information:


  • The title, medium and dimensions of the work

  • The presence and location on the work of a signature, a date and any inscriptions or labels

  • The history of the ownership of the work

  • The exhibition history and bibliography of the work

  • Any other information deemed relevant.


To send to :


Catalogue Renoir
Wildenstein Institute
57 rue La Boétie
75008 Paris



I remain at your disposal for any further information.


Laura E......

Catalogue Renoir

Ligne directe: 01 45 61 65 92 (du mardi au jeudi, 9h30 - 15h30)

Wildenstein Institute

57 rue La Boétie

75008 Paris

01 45 61 61 61


Visitez notre site internet: www.wildenstein-institute.fr





Excerpt from the Biography

Many images that were previously attributed to great masters, Morelli exposed as fakes or copies. He met some little favor with some known museum people, such as Wilhelm von Bode, or psychoanalysts Sigmund Freud, however, had much left for his methods.

Morelli's writings are written in one of those times very "loose" style of speech. Also, the author does not shrink from humorous, sarcastic jabs at the misjudgments of other art historians back. Critics accused Morelli, therefore, that his writings were not taught enough and poorly written and sometimes only contain insinuations. Morelli replied that he "found nothing funnier than those hollow, pompous and self-congratulatory seriousness of security incidents which we believe may give to Socrates, one day even the gods should have made ​​her smile." Also, he had "not a rhetorician or stylists" spent but can "always be be put to think more clearly and correctly than to write nice and shiny .... And when really, as some my friends, my rare good fortune was destined to have discovered a number of serious errors in Italian art history and also extinguished, I owe this little merit solely to the fact that I am not bound by any public employment, which made it possible for me to live freely and independently predict out my studies and also my views reckless. "

Giovanni Morelli had recognized it. The binding of "some" scientists to their public employment, they could no longer be independent in their scientific curiosity.
Eventually I realized that I was allowed to leave only to my firm faith and unwavering belief in my ability and my talent that I had received from God. The less contact with others, the better.
To be completely at ease and value-neutral judge things that was a great gift, which you can lose quickly when you do not really allow new and relies only on old school opinions. The future was indeed present and future, what really interested me is the eternal yesterday?
Today I know that it is only in this way was able to have success. The resistors if they are also an unpleasant thing, are the incentive to fight. Dangerous it is to be that you only talk to people from over sensitized to people about your ideas that can distract you from the turn off.
Obstacles and hurdles are a way one has to take into account and a good opportunity to challenge themselves.

In my research of photographic and optical equipment acquired instructions on recognized paintings by Renoir which I analyzed for 3 years, I had only one goal in mind, that I am the ideal principle, which applies with my technique in the search for missing Renoir's what I succeeded.
It is very surprising in my view that it is the publisher of the work directories Renoir, the Wildenstein Institute and Bernheim - Jeune in Paris, which for generations Renoir already addressed and "virtually have a monopoly" as the guardians of the sole attribution methods decorate which precisely have not discovered this secret Renoir these two institutions.

Art, it may be just not as close these institutions and a work of art or a painting only to see with the naked eye, how they do it.
I could reach my goal only because I have not locked myself the spirit of modernity. Today, the art research work differently than it did several years ago in the old company, such as the Wildenstein Institute and Bernheim - Jeune. Both institutes have missed the connection to the future and for me personally provide both Institutuonen no serious competition, in terms of Renoir.

After 8 years of research with over 10,000 hour field work - studies - research and far more hours of headache on the subject of Renoir, the discovery of my Renoir Acronym method proved to be an extremely reliable means in the application.



       Evaluation of features in recognized Renoir artworks

The following image files recognized Renoir were left for reasons of scientific credibility with the bands of the website operator to provide you dear visitors of the website Renoir project in 2013 to prove that the original photos from the site Pierre-Auguste Renoir - The complete works are.
For scientific purposes, this type of presentation to foreign data is allowed by the state of the art, which is more advanced evidence in my case, I discovered state of the art to illustrate the method, which is why I dedicate this project also has its own chapter, the art research.


Thank you for your attention



      Pierre Auguste Renoir - The complete works source Info4




      Self Portrait source Info5




      PAR in eye




       Albert Cahen D Amvers source Info6




    PA RenoiR in his hair




   Claude Monet source Info7




     Different faces of the background music suddenly appeared













     Claude Monet Reading A Newspaper source Info8




        RenoiR the beard of Monet, Renoir's friend






       Irene Cahen D Anvers Aka Little Irene source Info9




     PAR in the hair of the girl










       Lady In A Black Dress source Info10



       PAR over the shoulder






       Leaving The Conservatoire source Info11





   Signatur Renoirs






Further processing and subsequent example Renoir paintings in planning


Paul Cezanne Pierre Auguste Renoir source Info16




Self Portrait At The Age Of Thirty Five Pierre Auguste Renoir source Info17



 Self Portrait Pierre Auguste Renoir source Info18




Self Portrait With A White Hat Pierre Auguste Renoir source Info19




Shepherdess Cow And Ewe Pierre Auguste Renoir source Info20




The End Of Lunch Pierre Auguste Renoir source Info21




The Little School Boy Pierre Auguste Renoir source Info22




The Painter Alfred Sisley Pierre Auguste Renoir source Info23




The Reader Aka Young Woman Reading A Book Pierre Auguste Renoir source Info24






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