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        The Green Salon  "Oilpainting on Linen" by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) 




     Portrait Marthe Bérard von 1879 

    Portrait Marthe Bérard at 1879 Info1


For the presentation of the painting is called  The Green Salon which was probably painted in 1886. In an infrared image are clear and the number 86 next to it and to recognize the initials PR Pierre Renoir. The pretty girl that the Renoir's famous model, Marthe Berard, may seem to be leaning slightly on the green couch and also holds a flower with green leaves in her hand.

With the green wallpaper in the background, one can assume that this is a classic green salon. The title was therefore designated as suitable "The Green Salon". The young girl, in her deep blue dress, auburn hair and the sweet button eyes, harmony with the environment of The Green Salon.

Enclosed different comparison paintings are attached which show the authorship of Renoir. Between the two models, see above, there are striking similarities, and differences in expression seen but just the result of the different styles of painting. The painting The Green Salon is through the use of a more classical style of painting was painted in the application of the Impressionist style in contrast to Marthe Berars, reveal clearer lines and expressiveness. The hairstyle bangs forward with a clear approach and the long flowing hair and the back open view, the similarity of the two figures lead to clear.


    Blaues Kleid mit Wellkragen 

  Blue dress with corrugated collar

In the infrared study, the Renoir Akronym method process and with special photo and software technology have previously analyzed and localized features, such as the signature Renoir and his initials confirmed.

As in many other cases proves for me that this location in a prominent place as nothing new, since Renoir like to contours along recorded and thus left his mark. The name approach Renoir winds in the corrugated collar blends into and along with it, as you can see well on the photos below.




The presentation of the photo, left, shows the name "P" for Pierre Renoir and on his name. Clearly the signature can be seen that came to light in the infrared analysis below the collar.

The photo on the right shows a section of the bed, at the point at which the bed bobble hanging from the cord down. Good to see the corrugated structure, which proved to be an ideal place for gadgets and Renoir as another locality should prove to hit. Below the "bobble" on the ball legibly the name Renoir, who in the drawing in the wavy lines of the ball fits virtually. Please see the photo below left.




Signature samples Renoir




The left is clearly the name Renoir, can be seen in the contours at the bottom. Next you can see the number 86 (right) represent, in accordance with the evaluation of scientific research results should be a plausible indication of the year 1886, since you are right next to his initials "PR".




Here you will find the scientific authenticity certificates

Please click on this below on the download icon in the desired language


Please note that the scientific Certificate is aimed solely at determining the age-related origin in order to offer proof that this definitely is an original paintings from Renoir is, in turn, with the application, and finally the evaluation by the unique Renoir Acronym method only receives the necessary write-up of Renoir.

 In the featured paintings so it is exclusively an original oil painting of Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841 - 1919).


A certificate of authenticity determination in the form of a scientific investigation has occurred The green Salon at the oil painting. The scientific facts of the certificate to oil painting The green Salon confirmed the chronology in Renoir period 


A cross-check on the authenticity of The green Salon was carried out with the Renoir Acronym method at the front of oil paintings and after the examination in the science lab. The typical Renoir features such as Name - monogram - initials etc. could be detected and located in the following proof for authenticity of The green Salon.

With the prior publication on www.ArtRenoir.com and one of the contents of the argument for oil painting The green Salon, Renoir's work may be regarded now as a part of art history.


Renoir authenticity certificates of age determination

A.R.2.GER The Green Salon German.pdf Download

A.R.2.ENG The Green Salon English.pdf Download

A.R.2.FRA The Green Salon French.pdf Download

A.R.2.ITA The Green Salon Italian.pdf Download




Preliminary study consisting of letters, words, numbers

On the back of the painting is a preliminary study. I was explicitly that the inclusion of this drawing will be included in the certificate.


Keilrahmen mit Vorstudie auf der Rückseite  

Stretcher, with preliminary study on the back



Renoir Code in Vorstudie 

Various Renoir typical characteristics in preliminary

After magnifying the features Renoir in his preliminary study, right picture (see above) that consists entirely of letters, words and numbers, Renoir shows fondness for numbers and words or letters application, and corresponds to the total of such classic pattern Renoir.

Instead of lines used Renoir letters, numbers, his name and monogram, and so was the sketch that contains the Renoir Acronym approach.


     Ausschnitt Gesicht mit Renoir Code in der Nase dem linken Auge etc.  

     Image cutout face with the typical characteristics Renoir



     Vorstudie linkes Auge 90 ° rechts Monogramm PAR Pierre Auguste Renoir  

   In the left eye at 90 ° rotation of the preliminary study, the right monogram - initials "PAR" for Pierre Auguste Renoir




    X-ray photo essay on eye under infrared



    Macroaufnahme der Crakelüre 

   Macro shot of Craquelüre

The macro shot of the painting with the Craquelüre (age cracks) which confirm the great antiquity




     Leinwanduntersuchung und Ausschnitt UV - Woodsches Licht 

   Screen examination and UV cut - Wood's light



          UV -  Woodsches Licht

       UV - Wood's light

This shot was taken with the so-called Wood's light and appears slightly fluorescent. This type of light is also known as ultraviolet light or black light and is used for the investigation of, for example Artwork used to illustrate retouching or to detect counterfeits quickly.









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