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Art fakes at Auction Houses


How fake art come for millions legally in the course


Every year around the world estimated to be art for up to € 2 billion in auction houses auctioned the incorrect attribution subject or are completely faked.

I hereby would like to start a new chapter
wherein i will show counterfeiting or false attributions to me have noticed personally.




                                        What do you absolutely need to know about Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919)

1. Renoir painted according to the investigations of experts about 6000 oil paintings!

In works Wildenstein but only about 1/3 of all Renoir oil paintings are included. Missing thus 2/3 = 4000 oil painting by Renoir, the de facto can be regarded as lost.
Of the missing 4,000 oil paintings I resist discovered 30 oil paintings in various European countries and the US in 5 years, of which about 10 with Renoir's signature and the Renoir typic characteristics, without which no Renoir is authentic. Continue about 50 porcelain and ceramic artifacts and other works of art are added Renoir that I have discovered in the 5 years.

2. The oil painting by Renoir who, in my view, as a leading specialist Renoir the greatest potential for confusion!
The reason for this is the Renoir painted exactly the same and so was able to paint like Claude Monet, Edouard Manet such as Vincent van Gogh and all other Impressionists that were known with Renoir.

3. Renoir painted often the same motives as Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, etc. The painters have even often taken to paint the same motifs. Here you have their painteasels placed shoulder to shoulder and the same motifs painted. As Renoir on this occasion not only the same subject, such as Claude Monet or Edouard Manet has painted etc., but in the exact same style of painting as Claude Monet and Edouard Manet etc. the Wildenstein Institute has brought in the risk of confusion this succumbing.

4. They need to know that the Wildenstein Institute in Paris not only for but also for Renoir Monet, Manet and the famous French painters bring out the factory directories,
even though no expert the Wildenstein Institute are.
  (As she herself emphasized that they are not experts, see the PDF)

What is more dangerous, the Wildenstein Institute has to keep no technical means to a Renoir from a Monet with absolute certainty apart when it comes to the knowledge of the Renoir exactly like Monet painted. Next, the Wildenstein Institute refuses partout specialists bound in the authenticity determination because the makers of the Wildenstein Institute fear for their position as a cartel. I have overtaken the Wildenstein Institute in matters Renoir years ago. For me it does not matter what the Wildenstein Institute about Renoir or Monet writes because of authenticity has man there no proper idea that sees man but when art forgeries such as are revealed to me.

5. For the Wildenstein Institute, the signature Monet is as good as an expertise that the oil paintings of Monet is under an oil painting.
What with this approach now comes out in the end see if Renoir will be auctioned as Manet, Renoir as a Monet as Renoir as Van Gogh for several million in auction houses.
In theory, this is not necessarily tragic, is a Renoir but at least as valuable as the other world-famous painter, but a fake signature, or an incorrect attribution is always a counterfeit, or how would you call it when someone takes a 1-dollar bill and a 100 on draws?

6. Provenances are not a guarantee of authenticity. Provenances are not only fake, quite a few are not real as man in the art scandals of recent years will notice again and again.

7. As you now understand was Renoir and his painting exactly like Monet and Manet etc. looked the ideal work of art for Potential profiteers who were untrustworthy. So you just had a fake signature under the Renoir put, finished was the Monet and Manet or even the van Gogh etc.

8. Who is responsible for these fakes can not be determined since this happened already long long time ago and therefore responsible for a long time and death are took her secret to the grave with. However, the fact is regularly in renowned auction houses like Sotheby's and Christie's land forgeries of this kind, without discovering this mistake.

9. My investigation method makes the errors of the Wildenstein Institute which hides himself the art of the modern age and for all an end, because with my method of authenticity for each to take hold visualized.

Only he is a specialist who can determine the authenticity without a present Provenance







Fake Monet sold at Sothebys for 20,410,000 MILLION $ !!!




New York 5 May 2015


You have really done it, Sothebys !!!

Despite my advice and evidence that it is a forgery at this alleged Monet the auction house did not bring itself shied away a proven forgery in circulation.

The auction house Sotheby's has now made specific criminal activities guilty instead of pulling the fake from the market.

In the future, man after this adjustment to be assessed according to assume the more counterfeits of Sotheby's could be placed on the market?













New York 5 May 2015

                                                            Welcome to an event of the world-famous auction house Sotheby's in New York

In addition to an art forgery originated from Renoir with a forged Claude Monet signature
. The auction on May 5, 2015 comes up with further surprises and attractions such as a false attribution to Vincent van Gogh an also a false attribution to Paul Cézanne and so on.




1. Oilpainting from Pierre-Auguste Renoir with a forged Claude Monet signature 




Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) false attribution and a forged Claude Monet signature






The current version Sothebys in the juxtaposition of 1 Version of oil paintings from a private collection.

The oil painting was not checked for authenticity !





The current version Sothebys in the juxtaposition of 2 Version of oil paintings from a Museum at Phoenix Arizona.

The oil painting was not checked for authenticity !









In a random study a Monet forgery was discovered from the Monet catalog.

Damage millions of $













After the forgery was made public, the owner of the 2 version of the painting at Sotheby's auctioned off immediately his, perhaps out of fear that too is his version incorrectly and this could be known ?








The authenticity of this painting from Sothebys was also not tested. There may be also a forgery ?














The digital photo of the painting which turned upside down. The signature is now the top right instead of down to the left.

Under the surface the name Renoir shines through. A characteristic of Renoir who left his name and his or monogram hidden part Repeatedly in all his paintings.

The original photo of the painting was dyed with different
color filters to offer several variants depending on the eye to the perception of different people.

















90 ° left rotation




A small Renoir signature see above and below, that man can already see with the naked eye. The signature shimmers dark green and is only a little over painted with light green color. The signature was only on after I turned the photo 90 ° to the left. The forger of the Claude Monet signature on this painting has when he drew the name of Claude Monet completely overlooked the Renoir signature.
















90 ° left rotation

The long stretched signature PRenoir begins in the upper left corner and then extends downwardly toward the center































Flowering Arches, Giverny

                                                                                                      Phoenix Art Museum

The following 2 version has also no guarantee of authenticity it an original Claude Monet's like the latest version in the Sotheby's auction. A signature Claude Monet is no guarantee of authenticity as we know by now !









Faken Cezanne sold at Sothebys for 394,000 $



New York 5 May 2015



You have really done it, Sothebys !!!

Despite my advice and evidence that it is a forgery at this alleged Cezanne the auction house did not bring itself shied away a proven forgery in circulation.

The auction house Sotheby's has now made specific criminal activities guilty instead of pulling the fake from the market.

In the future, man after this adjustment to be assessed according to assume the more counterfeits of Sotheby's could be placed on the market?










P Renoir Watercolor

2. False attribution and non Paul Cézanne


























Manet FORGERY sold at Christies for 60,125,000 MILLION $ !!! 



                                                                        New York 5 November 2014



      Sold for incredible 65,125,000 Million $ !

       Forged Manet signature - In reality, an Original Renoir

Thus, for example, an oil painting by Renoir auctioned as Manet because it had a fake signature of Edouard Manet had set a forger among the Renoir. Seen in an auction at Christie's New York on 11.05.2014 named Edouard Manet (1832-1883) Le Printemps.

The painting was auctioned for an incredible $ 65,125,000 million dollars, however I had sent via the FBI a 30 pages long Erpertise against the authenticity of the alleged Manet and indeed prior to the auction! The FBI was too sleepy rather than as I have advised it to investigate the oil painting with an infrared camera, then you could see the signatures Renoir immediately.
Thus, it is the failure of the FBI that this art forgery could be auctioned.



Read the PDF report to the FBI in the US

Art analysis to the detriment of a provided with a forged signature artworks at Christie's New York


PDF to the FBI New York - Christies - Manet Le Printemps Auction 5.11.2014

pdf Download


It was an anonymous bidder who fortunately had the order to bid for the oil painting of the Getty Foundation with the museum Getty, otherwise the oil painting had disappeared in an anonymous collection.


Sale Information

Sale 2888 —

Impressionist & Modern Evening Sale

5 November 2014

New York, Rockefeller Plaza





Auctioned oil painting by Renoir with fake Manet signature sold for 65,125,000 million $ dollars at Christie's






Buyers of $ 65 million dollars forgery J.Paul the Getty Museum










The whole provenance is worthless if it does, the oil painting was painted by Renoir and the Manet signature is a fake!