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   Welcome to ArtRenoir


 ArtRenoir presents rediscovered art treasures of Pierre-Auguste Renoir



Public notice

Is this the biggest selling fraud of all time on the international art scene?


Sotheby's sells most expensive Art forgery of all time as a real Modigliani



Painting by Modigliani turns out to be an Original Renoir Painting

Past Auction May 14, 2018 at New York





Dear art lovers,

The deliberate fraud of the auction house Sotheby's is perfect. Contrary to all my warnings before the start of the auction against the auction house Sotheby's New York planned for the 14.05.2018 auction of a nude mistakenly attributed to the painter Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920) to cancel the auction because the painting is verifiably a work of art painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir ( 1841-1919), the auction house Sotheby's in New York has now knowingly and deliberately carried out the biggest ever public sales fraud ever on the international art scene!

On 14.05.2018 the auction house Sotheby's wrote International Art History. On that day, Sotheby's sold a proven fake artifact for as much as $ 157,159,000 million. Thus, the auction house Sotheby's goes down in history to have sold the most expensive art forgery of all time to an unsuspecting art collector of his misfortune! nothing knows. This is apparently due to the fact that Sotheby's hermetically shields the anonymous buyer of art forgery from the public and does not name his name. Also, Sotheby's conceals it from the press that holds the evidence of art forgery systematically secret to the president of Sotheby's Tad Smith. It is believed that Sotheby's wants to avoid that the buyer of the Modigliani art forgery of the negative publicity is unaware that the purchased by him for more than 157 million US dollars painting is a proven art fake.




The facts about art forgery

After careful research into high-resolution digital photos of the alleged Modigliani nude, I was able to make the biggest discovery in my career as an art analyst and Renoir expert. With my method I was able to expose the most expensive art counterfeit ever to auction.

This painting is falsely attributed to the painter Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920) because of its fake signature "Modigliani" which is a gross fallacy in art history as it has now been shown.

The fact is, however, that the painting sold by Sotheby's as Modigliani in real was painted by the painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) in 1913, without any if and buts. Art studies of high-resolution digital photos have revealed the archetypal characteristics of the painter Renoir. Thus, the initials PR = Pierre Renoir and a dating (19) 13 could be recognized. The painting is full of features that can only be assigned to the painter Renoir.

It is thus not merely an attribution or an opinion of any person, but a proven fact that painted this painting Renoir and therefore under no circumstances can be painted by the painter Modigliani.

The auction house Sotheby's has been proven selling in many cases art fakes for millions in circulation. The number of unidentified art counterfeit Sotheby's could have sold could be even higher since art falsifications are not always recognized!

I warned auction house Sotheby's in 2015 that they offered a Claude Monet fake and a mislabeled watercolor by painter Cezanne in their auction, but they, the managers of Sotheby's, did not want to hear my warnings. Was greed for money and fame bigger than Sotheby's mind?

This time, I did not just want to warn Sotheby's before the start of the auction by email, but to present my expertise on the Modigliani art forgery publicly on the Internet.

In addition, I've already turned on the New York City Police Department and the FBI, and I'm confident that the evidence of my expertise is sufficient to investigate Sotheby's despite having better knowledge of selling art forgery.

 Sotheby's New York past auction of the 14.05. 2018 of a Modigliani Art Fake!


Below are my expertises in English and in German Language, in which I, the Publicly Approved Art Analyst and Renoir Expert, provide the Ultimate Proof that the nude painting offered by Sotheby's is an original painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.



Expertise proves that Sotheby's has sold a Modigliani art forgery!


English Expertise Download


German Expertise Download




I thank all visitors for the attention and wish you a lot of fun visiting my website.

Wolfgang Kozlowski

Leading Renoir Specialist

Art Analyst & Art Detective





Wolfgang Kozlowski

Official Renoir Specialist and Surveyor

Recogized Expert of the DGSV e.V.

German Expert association e.V.


Wolfgang Kozlowski & ArtRenoir

Postbox 10 11 62

63011 Offenbach am Main


www.ArtRenoir.info   +  www.ArtRenoir.com

E-Mail: Art.Renoir.Media@gmail.com

E-Mail: Kunstanalyti@gmail.com


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          Dear art lovers


After more than 8 years of artistic research in the pilot project Renoir in the investigation of works of art I am pleased to present to you rediscovered works of art by the artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919).

In the pilot project presented on www.ArtRenoir.info, more than 10,000 hours of research and scientific studies flowed with the application of the Renoir acronym method developed by me. Numerous new insights were gained in the study of works of art and the importance of Renoir.

"I developed my novel research methodology to share my love of the arts and my goal was to make the impossible possible and to develop a safe method that allowed artworks to be attributed to the artist, especially to the next generation"


About the artist Renoir of about 6000 paintings only about 2/3 of his works of art are listed in works directories. Through my developed Renoir acronym method, it is the first time around the world that artworks freely available on the market or in private collections are attributed to Renoir. The prerequisite for this is that these works of art contain the Renoir acronyms.

From many points of view, this discovery will be well received by the international art scene, because secure detection methods are very rare or completely absent in the art world. The Renoir acronym method, developed by me, uses a revolutionary method that will enrich the international art scene and benefit users and art lovers alike.

All artworks featured on ArtRenoir were discovered over a period of 8 years. All artworks have one thing in common, they have hidden features such as the signature (infrared range) of the name Renoir, his initials PAR for Pierre-Auguste Renoir or PR for Pierre Renoir etc., which are hidden in the artwork or under the painting and with my method were filtered out. Since the discovered features are mainly the name Renoir and his initials, it is easy to draw any conclusions about Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

The results of this research brought to light new insights into Pierre-Auguste Renoir, bringing to life one of the most important artists in art history and his rediscovered works of art in a completely new light.

The Renoir acronym method is currently the most efficient method for finding hidden features in works of art and archaeological objects. In contrast to laboratories that are localized, my method allows you to upload digital photos of works of art or archeological artefacts to your computer or smartphone from any location in the world, which can then be edited using the Renoir acronym method and the features filtered out.



                                                               Examples of the Renoir Akronym method by Wolfgang Kozlowski

"I apply the developed method regularly for 8 years The scientific advantage which my Renoir acronym method has given to other scientists and my competition to this day is unparalleled." With the Renoir acronym method one can create works of art - archaeological artifacts as well as all kinds and forms examine all objects made by hand according to hidden features, such as: paintings of all kinds; oil paintings - acrylic paintings - drawings - lithographies - graphics - stamps - figures - sculptures - porcelain and ceramics - clay - stone - painted or overpainted works of art or objects of all kinds The list of possibilities offered by the Renoir acronym method is almost endless and requires a computer / laptop or smartphone to explore the Renoir acronym method. "

"With my technique, I offer the next generation examination method to anyone who is interested, thanks to my method, the user gets the opportunity to learn more about his favorite artwork or object." At last it is possible for anyone to explore the depths of the archeology surface or other items that no human-eye expert has ever been able to do

                                                                                   Wolfgang Kozlowski, Public Renoir Specialist & Art Analyst


The applied technique is based on the photo and software processes used in the artwork investigation and has the task of filtering hidden features from the respective works of art. Wolfgang Kozlowski has been able to prove for the first time on a pilot project worldwide that, for example, the artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) has left hidden features in his works of art.

Art lovers can learn this method of investigation. In the future, you will discover works of art yourself. With this novel process you can discover and identify art treasures. This new method is not only for experts, but also for all art lovers an instrument for the study of works of art.

In the near future you, the professionals as well as all art lovers will find the software examination method successfully tested by Wolfgang Kozlowski in over 8 years with numerous workshops for the general examination of works of art of your preferred artists as well as antiques of all kinds.

If you are interested in art or archeology, you should take full advantage of this method


Those who deal with art or archeology should take full advantage of the this method


Whether for museums, restorers, experts, appraisers or ordinary art lovers and not to forget for the treasure hunters in artworks below you. The special edition of the Renoir expert Wolfgang Kozlowski will soon provide you with the worldwide unique examination method with which you can detect hidden features in all sorts of artworks including archaeological objects.

The principle of Wolfgang Kozlowski's method of investigation consists of camera software and filter techniques and of course, last but not least, the workshops of Wolfgang Kozlowski. In simple and easily explained steps, the art scientist and Renoir expert Wolfgang Kozlowski explains the sensational method of art research in the 21st century!

Belong to the beneficiaries of a completely new view and working method in the era of art research. This research method developed especially for you by Wolfgang Kozlowski on DVD, allows you to examine your works of art with the world's most successful method, which has been tried and tested thousands of times.

Let the discoverer of this method Wolfgang Kozlowski take you on an adventurous journey of modern technology and see with your own eyes that it is indeed possible to subject dubious works of art to a mark of authenticity and thus to discover or identify art treasures of all kinds.

Years of experience in the system developed by Wolfgang Kozlowski will give you all the advantages of taking a deeper look, for example. get into the layers of paint, where the artist and creator of a work of art usually within the sketches leaves important and personal characteristics and or notes, based on which he can be identified in subsequent evaluation and reference works.

From a series of discoveries, numerous paintings have already received positive scientific certification. The results of the scientific investigations confirmed the works of art in the creative period of Renoir! The evaluation of the infrared photos from the infrared reflectography in the special field of Wolfgang Kozlowski, each brought the classic features of Renoir to light, which you love art lovers in all discovered works of art on ArtRenoir by Wolfgang Kozlowski presented.

All  on the English website www.ArtRenoir.com as well as for German www.ArtRenoir.info presented rediscovered art of Renoir were discovered by Wolfgang Kozlowski personally and alone with his createt Renoir Acronym detection methode.

Considering that no other scientist and art expert has yet succeeded in systematically discovering works of art that could be attributed to one of the most famous and important artists of humanity, the method of Wolfgang Kozlowski clearly becomes the tool and the means in the art research of the 21st century.

With his extraordinary achievements in the field of Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) and Renoir's undiscovered works of art, the art scientist and expert Wolfgang Kozlowski can now be regarded as the international elite of the art scene as well as his progressive method as a leading Renoir expert.





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