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  Discover on ArtRenoir Art treasures of the artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919)






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Worldwide unique collection of Religious Paintings by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919)

Religious paintings of Renoir Biographical proved 



Renoir began at age 18, biographically seen with the religious painting.






Biographical evidence has pointed out that Renoir worked in a company called Gilbert. Renoir painted images of saints there.Unfortunately, I located the book only in German. Worldwide only at ArtRenoir and thanks the discovery of the cryptological   code you can explore Renoirs religious art just here.



Original text translation from above

The small company produced rouleaus, roller blinds with figures which were taken by Christian missionaries in distant countries, to decorate the walls newly founded churches instead of images and colorful windows. Renoir quickly understood the technical tricks that you need to add vinegar to the calico paint materials a certain amount. For a young craftsman, there was always something new to learn.







Therese of Lisieux, patron saint of France




   Therese of Lisieux Info1

Thérèse of Lisieux (born 2 January 1873 in Alençon, France, † 30 September 1897 in Lisieux, France) was a nun in the Order of Discalced Carmelites. It was founded in 1925 by Pius XI. canonized by Pope John Paul II, in 1997.




     Renoir, Mangastyle




       It came in a white veil in the study of macro photos to a striking discovery




        Rotated 90 °



       Under magnification, it becomes more clear




       Letters, colored black

It shone through letters that were taken by me under closer scrutiny. In the coloring, it turned out that for great surprise, that Renoir was at work and had left his signature below the portrait of Therese of Lisieux.




       Signature colored in Brown

        Clear bold signature Renoir under the top coat of paint





       Signature samples Renoir




       Clearly visible Renoir




        RENOIR in large letters




       Renoir painting "Saint Therese of Lisieux" outstanding academic certificate





         Therese of Lisieux II 



        Therese of Renoir painted in a manga style




       Relatively legible signature Renoir





       Signature samples Renoir




       Fat signed Renoir

         Renoir painting "Saint Therese of Lisieux 2," certificate outstanding scientific






        Madonna and Child Neo Renaissanse 



















         P = Pierre,  R = Renoir 




       Monogram  P  A  R  




          P = Pierre,   A = Auguste,   R = Renoir     











         Renoir painting "Madonna with Child Neo Renaissanse" outstanding academic certificate





       Madonna with child "1909"



       How many of you have ever detected a Renoir in this painting?




       Seemingly unremarkable in the hair of the infant.




Renoir also played a game of hide and used the back of the head of the child for his monogram PAR and dating (190) 9 Seen quite unusual and only for experienced eyes, namely when you turn the painting around 90 °!




       Photo rotated 90 ° and cut out all disturbing factors with the infrared filter




       Under magnification the Renoir Acronyms PAR 9 are now seen




       The pioneering lines show the individual letters and number 9 on




       The contours of the letters and the number 9 were spotted

        Renoir painting "Mother with Child (190) 9" outstanding academic certificate






Renoir artwork - inspired by El Greco, Saint Martin and the Beggar






        Saint Martin and the Beggar Info2

        Original from El Greco, ca. 1597 - 1599 Info3




       Renoir has been immortalized in the eyes of the beggar with his name





      Signature samples Renoir




Renoir wrote his name in the eyelid








Unlike the painting of El Greco, the artwork was put together from fine fabrics and the faces, the bare skin and the sky etc. were refined by Renoir with fabric paint.




       The harness of the horse, fine leather in various forms and types




        Painted with textile paint clouds in the sky



         Back, quilted with double fabric


       Renoir's work of art "Saint Martin and the Beggar" outstanding academic certificate






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