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      Claude Monet and Camille Doncieux



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 The hard life "Oilpainting on Linen" by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919)



The circumstance that has arisen here a portrait of Monet and his wife Camille as a couple is a rarity. Renoir Monet did not paint more often, but with his wife Camille. Renoir was an opportunity here at that time his best friend and fellow painter and his wife, Camille, probably somewhere in Paris to portray on a street.

Claude Monet and Camille poor, with music you want to scrape together some money both for himself and his family could Monet food and other vital buy stuff. In addition, he was in debt to his supplier (art supplies) and had no more material to paint.

It is one of those paintings where Renoir's dictum; Schwarz is the queen of all colors, raised the issue exactly to the point. Chic in a black dress with a white blouse and a slight cut you are, Camille, the wife of Monet while her husband Claude is also dressed up on the white shirt, all in black, and a blanket was lying on the legs, maybe it is even coat of Camille.

Camille's facial features betray nothing about the seriousness of life. If we look, however (to the left) to Monet, looking very depressed, so as man guessed that it hardly is a scene asked.

 The joy Camille played on the guitar can not distract from the grief Claude Monet, which reflects the seriousness of the situation with his sad expression. Renoir did not particularly rare guitar playing women painted, giving a further indication of the design.


Camille Monet geschminckt und mit Blonder Perücke

Photo Camille Monet with a blond wig and makeup

A striking feature of Camille, the dark eyebrows and blonde hair in contrast, the parting color. During my research I discovered the cause of the circumstance of blond hair. I researched about Monet in Wikipedia and found a comment on one of Monet paintings find that his wife Camille in colorful clothes with a Japanese woman shows subjects.The text was to read that Claude Monet painted Camille as a Japanese woman and had worn a wig in the painting.


Painted Claude Monet by Renoir and Camille painted by Monet

In the painting by Claude Monet titled "La Japonaise" the dark eyebrows Camille's are clearly visible. If the geisha's eyes theatrically open the mouth wide open and his mouth slightly, yet the similarity of the two actresses, unlike here, the actor playing the guitar, well understand. That in the theatrical facial expressions Camille (geisha) and take the tear your eyes the eyebrows a different form, as opposed to the relaxed face pose as a guitar player is more than obvious and was only mentioned in passing.




The image with the most respect Japan, that was painted by Monet's "La Japonaise" Camille in Japanese costume. It shows Camille in a Japanese robe, decorated with plastic embroidery. She turns her face to the viewer of the image and looks him in the eyes. She fans herself with a fan air. This will be taken up again in the image background, which shows irregularly arranged on a wall twelve subjects. Although the picture is bright and colorful, but its unity in the former conventions accordingly. The room lacks the typical Monet atmosphere without equipment.

There are also other concessions to the audience with the colors of the tricolor, which was reproduced in compartments in Camille's hand. Also, the blonde wig Camille is a break with the Japanese style.
Info1 and Wikipedia in German Info2 under the headliene; Monet and the Modern



   Camille jeweils mit Blonde Perücke 

Camille, each with a blond wig

Japanese women usually have dark hair so why the blonde wig was also seen as a break with the Japanese style. Wigs are known to be manageable and the hair / wig geisha was in contrast to the more guitar player pulled down in the face. The central peak is in the same location and can be seen from the hair shaft that this is the one and the same wig. Only the color choice is a little different, which might well be that a lighter blond to red kimono was better suited as a light strawberry blonde or Renoir did not reflect the actual color of the wig identical. As a final version still remain the two different colored wigs of the same species were present.



Black hat, same as in the painting Hatmodell



The left photo is a little bit the Negative Photo Ckarakter the paintings section represents and comes from the infrared study. The photo was taken as experimental comparison because the photo Monet's right, here in his former garden also has a kind of negative character. Monet in a white summer suit strongly shows the characteristic traits.


Claude Monet und das Fleckennmuster des Bartes - Mundpartie    

Claude Monet, with a full beard and spot patterns around the mouth area



Monet himself admits to be a beggar! Info3 (Find it only in German Language)



An art Posted on harassment, that came from none other than Claude Monet himself, who was tired of always having to beg and harass buyers, I discovered by chance on the internet. The authenticity of the painting by Renoir, Monet painted by a beggar is thus provided. Also take a look on this; Often he ended up begging money from his friends, including Edouard Manet. Info4


Monet und Renoir zeitweise Bettelarm

Monet painted very poor and has no material for paintings. Excerpt about Monet and poverty


The financial situation of artist friends had not improved, for some even deteriorated alarmingly. Some fought just to survive, often did not know how they can pay the daily bread. And it did not look like a bright spot. For Monet, whose wife was expecting another child, it was very serious. In many friends he begged once again to raise money for the most essential things: food and shelter; Manet borrowed in 1000 Francesco then that should repay Monet with images (but that never happened).

Also Dr. Gachet, the times should be treated Vincent van Gogh later and have supported the Impressionists in much of Monet got a letter with the request to support him.

The financial situation of artist friends had not improved, deteriorated even frightening to make. Some fought just to survive, often did not know how they can pay the daily bread. And it did not look like a bright spot.

For Monet, whose wife was expecting another child, it was very serious. In many friends he begged once again to raise money for the most essential things: food and shelter. Manet borrowed in 1000 Francesco then that should repay Monet with images (but that never happened). Also Dr. Gachet, the times should be treated Vincent van Gogh later and already supported in many ways by the Impressionists, Monet got a letter with the request to support him.

Info5 See page, Message from 27.09.2012 - 15:20 (Only in German Language)

Another time, Claude Monet wrote to his friend and fellow painter Frederick Bazille he is completely at the end.
The end of August Monet has no money to buy paints and Renoir is indebted to its dealers. "For eight days neither bread nor wine, fire for cooking or not, it's terrible," as Monet to Bazille.

The choice of colors for this painting Renoir sizes are very sparse and the colors are not applied particularly pasteus. This may be thus acted to other color because of Renoir - who was in league with Monet at the same time - it means that he also had to struggle with poverty and had little or no money for more material. This painting seems to have been painted straight in the nascent stage, when both Monet and Renoir, just drifted into financial disaster and barely able to survive even more.

An interesting video in English about a better understanding of the Wildenstein Institute

The Wildenstein Institute is also editor of the Monet catalog of works and other 46 artists! This video is to show you that Doc Moses works with full transparency and, in contrast to the Wildenstein Institute prove what is a real Renoir and what is not. The video shows a Monet painting based on how arbitrarily judging the authenticity of going equipped, so the Kryptologic method used by Doc Moses  is so important because in point to Renoir, etc., the authorship can be determined.

                                                         See also under Kryptologic recognized Renoir were examined by me for features.


BBC documentary 58 min. Source Info6


English newspaper Info7




Here you will find the scientific authenticity certificates

Please click on this below on the download icon in the desired language


Please note that the scientific Certificate is aimed solely at determining the age-related origin in order to offer proof that this definitely is an original paintings from Renoir is, in turn, with the application, and finally the evaluation by the unique Renoir Acronym method only receives the necessary write-up of Renoir.

 In the featured paintings so it is exclusively an original oil painting of Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841 - 1919).


A certificate of authenticity determination in the form of a scientific investigation has occurred The hard Life at the oil painting. The scientific facts of the certificate to oil painting The hard Life confirmed the chronology in Renoir period 


A cross-check on the authenticity of The hard Life was carried out with the Renoir Acronym method at the front of oil paintings and after the examination in the science lab. The typical Renoir features such as Name - monogram - initials etc. could be detected and located in the following proof for authenticity of The hard Life.

With the prior publication on www.ArtRenoir.com and one of the contents of the argument for oil painting The hard Life, Renoir's work may be regarded now as a part of art history.




Renoir authenticity certificates of age determination
      A.R.3.GER The hard Life German.pdf Download
    A.R.3.ENG The hard Life English.pdf Download
   A.R.3.FRA The hard Life French.pdf Download
  A.R.3.ITA The hard Life Italian.pdf Download



Dress from Camille Monet with hidden Monogram PAR. Infrared reflectography follow-up Info8



infrared follow-up

The camera has a monogram PAR Renoir (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) under / in the dress of the guitar player Camille Monet capture





Monogram PAR, in dress. To get inked for a comparison, see photo above



Ausschnitt Gitarre Camille  

Guitar Camille


Signatur Renoirs im Gitarrenhals unter Infrarot    

Signature Renoir. the guitar neck, under infrared

Under the signature of the screws for the guitar strings are visible




Signature samples Renoir



UV - Woodsches Licht   

Called ultraviolet light (blacklight) or Wood's light, that later overpainting makes visible!




X-ray photo



   Macroaufnahme Bluse

Macro shot Blouse



     Rahmenecke mit Lleinwandausschnitt   

Frame corner back, with screen clipping



   Hardy Alan Renoirs Materiallieferant in Paris  

                                                                                          Alan Hardy, Renoir material supplier in Paris

The stamp of the wedge under the brand name "Alan Hardy" clearly refers Renoir material supplier!
In research in recognized collections I noticed a Renoir Self Portrait in the United States. The painting also has a wooden frame of Hardy Alan.





Renoir Selfportrait



Daten des Selbstportrait des Amerikanischen Museums

Daten des Selbstportrait Renoirs des Amerikanischen Museums  



Auszug der Gemäldedaten Renoir Selbstportrait - Hardy Alan


Extract the data Renoir paintings Self portrait - Hardy Alan Info9


Whether the outfitter Alan Hardy had two home addresses (36 and 56) or whether it is a possible reading error in the number "56" is another question. Please compare the photo of this stretcher with the data of the document, shown here on the self-portrait.



   Selbstportrait Monet  und     Portrait Monet von Renoir 

   Self Portrait Monet                                                     Portrait Monet, Renoir




Camille Monet, Infrarotfreflektografie



Reindeer in the eye and Renoir in the lower lip of Camille Monet, see inset below



  Die Infrarotaufnahme linkes Foto offenbaaren in der Vergrößerung das Kürzel Ren im linken untern Augenlied  

The infrared image of the left eye / eyelid shows the abbreviation - Ren - for Renoir



Am unteren Rand der Unterlippe der Namen Renoirs etc.

At the edge of the lower lip of the name Renoir was localized


Within 8 years of scientific research, i was able to consistently make the observation that Renoir painted like to contours along and thus unconsciously perpetuated. Due to the pre-run pretrial discovery and the present Certificate of Authenticity is also, without doubt, to paint a painting that Renoir guaranteed genuine. The application of the Renoir Akronym method showed once again very well the efficiency of the application, no wonder it's the world's most reliable method Renoir As to who ever came into use when it comes to reliable attribution and certification.




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