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 Holy Family "Painting on a Copperplate" by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919)



In 1881 by the impressionism Renoir turns off! After a stay in 1881 in Italy, during which he (Renoir) reading a manual authored in 1400 for painters, it is strongly oriented towards Raphael's frescoes and Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, it begins the so-called "Ingres period" or "dry period ". Renoir begins to shift from the ground up, he turns away from the spontaneity and records the forms sharply but remains on the subjects full of life. He turns away from the impressionism to the classicism. Info1 (Look under Adulthood)

It's the year in 1881. Order the painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir overcome doubts about his painting. Although he is well known already as a copyist in the Louvre painted the old masters, he put in the middle of his Impressionist period fixed despite the good order situation, that he wanted out of the simple painting of Impressionism. It was qualitatively him not challenging enough. Renoir decided despite attempts by his former art broker Paul Durant Ruel, who in vain to hold him to them escape from the Impressionist painting. Paul Durant Ruel feared for his commissions because Renoir was the most prolific artists of all that he had brought him and the painting regularly. The demand for impresssionistischen paintings was just great. The outbreak of the "light" Painting the Impressionist Renoir's stated goal was because he wanted to reorient the model of the painter Raphael Santi Dominique Ingres and, above all which he traveled to the land of Rennaisance Italy.

Here is the trace of the well-known work directory publishers, the Wildenstein Institute and loses Bernheim - Jeune in Paris, with the works that you have about Renoir. Although religious works from this phase Renoir exist, but you will find these, except on our Homepage www.ArtRenoir.com  .de and .info find nowhere.

All of the paintings you see on our website are only discovered by me and without third party commission or participation.




  Jesus von Nazaret

Jesus of Nazareth Info2


Jesus of Nazareth (ישוע Aramaic Yeshua or Yeshu `, hellenized Ἰησοῦς; * probably before 4 BC in Nazareth; † 30 or 31 in Jerusalem) was a Jewish itinerant preacher. From about the year 28, he entered on public in Galilee and Judea. Two to three years later he was crucified on orders of the Roman prefect Pontius Pilate by Roman soldiers.



Mary Info3

Maria (מרים Hebrew, Aramaic., Both Mariam) is according to the New Testament and the Koran, the mother of Jesus Christ. She lived inter alia, in Mark 1.9 EU as devout Jewess with her husband Joseph and other relatives in the small town of Nazareth in Galilean.



 Joseph von Nazaret

Joseph of Nazareth Info4

Joseph (יוֹסֵף Hebrew, Greek Ἰωσήφ) from Nazareth in the New Testament fiance and then husband of Mary, mother of Jesus. He is presented as a builder of Nazareth, and thus referred to in the Christian tradition as "the carpenter." The New Testament tells us that Joseph was regarded by the people as the father of Jesus (Jn 1,45 EU: "Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph"), also siblings of Jesus are mentioned - Joseph's fatherhood of them is not explicitly stated but is close. (Mt 13,55 EU and EU Mark 6:3). Matthew (Mt 1:18 EU) and Luke (Lk 1,35 EU) emphasize, however, that Joseph, the legal father of Jesus was merely because it is not caused by human procreation, but by the action of the Holy Spirit. The following church doctrine of the virgin birth. 




Here you will find the scientific authenticity certificates

Please click on this below on the download icon in the desired language


Please note that the scientific Certificate is aimed solely at determining the age-related origin in order to offer proof that this definitely is an original paintings from Renoir is, in turn, with the application, and finally the evaluation by the unique Renoir Acronym method only receives the necessary write-up of Renoir.

 In the featured paintings so it is exclusively an original oil painting of Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841 - 1919).


A certificate of authenticity determination in the form of a scientific investigation has occurred the Holy Family at the oil painting. The scientific facts of the certificate to oil painting the Holy Family confirmed the chronology in Renoir period 


A cross-check on the authenticity of the Holy Family was carried out with the Renoir Akronym method at the front of oil paintings and after the examination in the science lab. The typical Renoir features such as Name - monogram - initials etc. could be detected and located in the following proof for authenticity of the Holy Family.

With the prior publication on www.ArtRenoir.com and one of the contents of the argument for oil painting the Holy Family, Renoir's work may be regarded now as a part of art history.




Renoir authenticity certificates of age determination

   A.R.4.GER Holy Family German.pdf  Download

  A.R.4.ENG Holy Family English.pdf  Download

 A.R.4.FRA Holy Family French.pdf  Download

A.R.4.ITA Holy Family Italian.pdf  Download


UV - Woodsches Licht 

UV - Wood's light


Kniebereich mit Zahlenfund und Signatur Renoirs 

Infrared absorption analysis with special filter


1 In the knee area of the locality of a numerical code that Renoir has left there - blue marks

2 Under the orange marker is a sequence of numbers (? Dating) 1881/9 is back - right outside

3 Under the yellow marker, below in the wool Renoir's name has been detected



Kniebreich Fundort Zahlenfolge siehe unten  

1 Knee range of locality of numerical codes Renoir, see below


Eine ganze Zahlenreihe in der Kniegegend Mariens 

1 The number code in the Renoir Mary's knee area, here's a photo from the infrared reflectography Info5


   Rötlicher Stein rechts  

2 Red stone, right 


Rötlicher Stein ( siehe oben) unter Infrarot  Möglicher Hinweis zur Entstehungszeit 1881/9 Fundort rechts außen

2 Red stone under infrared reflectography


Possible reference to the time when 1881/9, locality right outside


   Korb mit Wolle Fundort Renoir Infrarot  

3 Basket with wool, origin of the name of Renoir


Signatur Renoir am unteren Bildrand in der Wolle  

3 Renoir signature at the bottom, in the wool, under infrared reflectography




Signature samples Renoir 



Infrarotaufnahme Monitor 2 Abschnitte

Infrarotaufnahme Monitor 2 Abschnitte 

Infrared recording - recording monitor section 1 and 2






Nazareth, under infrared reflectography


Nazaret unter Infrarot 

Nazaret, under infrared reflectography


Vergrößerung PA Renoir siehe oben  

  Increase PA Renoir under nfrared reflectography 


 Fuß in Vergrößerung mit Patina 

Foot in magnification with patina


 Infrarot rechter Fuß

Infrared, right foot under infrared reflectography


 Macroaufnahme Blume

Macro foto of the flower


Craquelüre - Altersrisse  

Craquelüre - Age cracks


Röntgen 2 Abschnitte

X-ray - Part 1 and 2 


Rückseite Kupferplatte

Back of the oil painting on copper plate 




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